Grand Rapids Student Entrepreneur Sells Socks with Spirit

By Mayra Monroy on November 6th, 2015 / Comments

For several athletes across the world, finding the right equipment is must. Whether that’s the perfect shoes, jersey, or socks, it’s always a struggle to find something that fits just right. For Aquinas College student Maxwell Clark, this is something he has experienced firsthand.

Clark developed Universal Socks three months ago, to assist athletes around the world with this need, as well as developing a give back model for the community. Universal Socks are exactly what they sound like.

“[Universal Socks] are all-purpose socks that can be fully customized to fit your needs. We provide this sock to help you best represent your team, company, cause…” says Clark. “For every pair purchased, a pair is donated.”

As a member of an athletic team and a business administration student, Clark realized the need for a sock that would do the job and last while doing so. His inexpensive alternative would prove to be a cost-effective solution for sports teams all around the area, with socks made to last, eco-friendly and also 100% made in the USA. Teams order in quantities of 72 and are able to promote their logo right on the material.

“After polling a number of coaches and organizations, we found that one of their biggest pet peeves was ordering apparel every year,” says Clark. “Since these socks can be customized exactly how you want them to be, you no longer have to worry about the new style that comes out every year and [are able] to represent your own brand.”

When your team or business purchases socks from Universal Socks, the community also benefits from your purchase. He’s certainly an entrepreneur selling with a spirit of giving back. For every 72 pairs of socks purchased, 72 other pairs are donated to Comfort Socks, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that donates to the homeless. Universal Socks has a donation goal of 72,000 and are working towards that.

For Clark, Universal Socks is on its way to expansion. Currently in the stage of receiving funding, the Universal Socks website is launching soon and have already gained customers from high schools, colleges, and other organizations, serving an estimated 1,500 customers.

“We are ambitious for our future and we hope to continue to branch into new markets and rapidly expand,” says Clark.

Clark also owns At Home Custom Cuts, another startup in the funding stage. At Home Custom Cuts is an organization that serves professional haircuts to individuals in their own offices or homes. The trend of community giving continues in this startup as well, as Clark and team provide free haircuts to local homeless shelters and families in need each month.

For more information and for future expansion news, follow Universal Cuts’ website.

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