Grand Circus Offers Tech and Startup Training in Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on August 9th, 2013 / Comments

The newest technical training program has arrived to Detroit, and the impact it could have on Michigan’s startup community could be immense. Grand Circus will offer tech training, business development classes, events, and co-working inside their new location in Downtown Detroit his September.

Detroit has seen a number of smaller groups teaching technical skills (See: Erika Carlson from Girl Develop It & Detroit’s Atomic Object BitCamp and Community Classes), but Grand Circus aims to be the center for all meetups, events, and classes in tech. The company is backed by Detroit Venture Partners, and has already formed partnerships with the local community.

It’s about giving startups and businesses a place to learn the latest skills in design and development. It’s also about building up Detroit’s tech community.

“There’s so many things happening around Detroit in tech and entrepreneurship, but we don’t have a home for everything yet. We want to be the community organization that connects everyone,” said Bradley Hoos, COO and Co-Founder of Grand Circus.

The 15,000 sq. foot space for Grand Circus will be located in Broderick Tower, a sweet location nearby the Quicken Loans headquarters and the Madison building. It will host all tech training, events, and provide a collaborative co-working space for up to 50 entrepreneurs in Detroit.

A Different Mix of Training and Mentoring  

The educational training that Grand Circus offers is similar to General Assembly, a successful tech training program for designers, developers, and startups that can be found in eight city around the world. The idea behind this model is to bring leaders and practitioners working in the industry to the classroom.

Grand Circus will provide training through courses that will last 10-12 weeks, workshops that are around 1-2 hours, and seminars around 1-3 hours on topics including building an iPhone app, digital marketing, and writing a business plan.

Bradley Hoos and his co-founder Damien Rocchi know that not everyone learns the same, that’s why their mixing courses with online learning, mentorship, and even a job placement program. The added value is always staying up-to-date with trends in technology.

“In the case of technology, we’re able to be more nimble to respond to job markets. We’re able to bring what’s cutting edge to people,” said Damien. “Online learning is great, but there are definitely people who are going to learn better with support in person from instructors and mentors.”

It’s learning in a team environment, similar to the collaboration and teamwork you might need in your next job. Grand Circus will have courses taught by professionals from Alpha Jango, Apigee, Adobe, Detroit Labs and more.

“People are really excited to teach. The energy here is really infectious. They want to be a part of the growing ecosystem,” said Bradley.

The Fall Course Lineup

So what’s the grand list of courses for this fall?

You can learn how to build an Android or iPhone app, create a solid business plan, and create an awesome video and more. Check out the full lineup of the first round of classes and workshops.

What else do you think Michigan’s Startup Community needs?

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