Grand Circus Announces New Scholarship Program for Women

By Amanda Lewan on April 2nd, 2014 / Comments
Calling all women! It’s time to sharpen your computer skills and enter the world of tech.

It’s not so scary, especially when you can take an introductory course to get started for free, and then gain a bit of real world experience too.

Detroit’s tech training institute Grand Circus is offering six women the opportunity to learn all about programming this summer and fall. The scholarship program is in combination with Google for Entrepreneurs and the #40 Forward Campaign, an iniative created by Google to get more women in tech.

The perks? Each participant will have a full scholarship to the Build a Dynamic Website Course and then a paid part-time internship doing real world web development work.

“We look around our coworking space and our startup events and see far more men than women. Only 3% of tech entrepreneurs are female,” says Kate Caitlin of Grand Circus. “Bringing more women into the industry is not only right thing to do, but it’s also smart. Studies have shown that diverse teams create better products and run more successful companies.”

Increasing women participation in tech and tech startups does add more strength to a team. It’s believed that women-led private technology companies are more capital-efficient, achieving a 35% higher return on investment, according to recent studies by the Kaufman Foundation. It also helps any great tech product to have input from diverse groups on how they would interpret marketing, use the product, and experience the brand.

Scholarship Details

The scholarship a great opportunity for women in career transition, women interested in starting a company, or those who want to learn a new skill. The summer class will be completed at Grand Circus in Downtown Detroit on Monday and Wednesday evenings, June 16th – August 20th . It’s followed by  a 6-week, 20 hours per week internship where you participants will do real coding work with a local tech company within the Metro-Detroit area.

Applications due by April 6th, so get yours in today. Apply here.

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