Google for Entrepreneurs Comes to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on October 1st, 2013 / Comments

You may have already heard the news in Mashable, or Bloomsburg, or the local media, but yesterday Grand Circus, Detroit’s New Tech Training Institute, hosted an open party in celebration of the great Google news.

Grand Circus is now one of seven tech hubs adopted into the Google network. Google will provide funding and support to Grand Circus, allowing entrepreneurs to hold office hours with Google and access the Google for Entrepreneurs network across the country.

“What’s really exciting is the access to resources we’ll have,” said Damien Rocchi, Grand Circus Co-founder.

We’ve written before on Detroit’s Tech Hub. The tech startup scene has been on the rise ever since Dan Gilbert CEO of Quicken Loans and Partner in Detroit Venture Partners renovated the Madison Building in Detroit growing up to 25 startup businesses in the building.

The building is right nearby Grand Circus, dubbing the new startup filled area the “Madison Block.”

“Every day there’s more good news, and every day there’s more momentum,” said Dan. “It’s growing out of innovation and collaboration.”

Grand Circus has opened up for the Fall Semester. Check out their first round of classes.

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