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By Noelle Sciarini on November 25th, 2014 / Comments

A unique furniture store in Grand Rapids, MI, is on a mission to create products that celebrate each client’s inner geek. Epic Loot Furniture was created by Gerry Doherty and Todd Reed, two self-described geeks who came together with the idea to produce furniture pieces that relate to “geeky” activities.

According to the company’s website, Epic Loot “wants to make your board games, pen and paper games, comics, and CCG cards a focal point in any room.”

It all started when Reed was looking for a table to use for gaming purposes. Nothing on the market suited his needs, so he teamed up with Doherty, who’s been in carpentry for 25 years, to produce a custom-made table exactly tailored to Reed’s gaming.

“After we made the table for me, it just kept going from there,” Reed said. Eventually, interest was piqued by fellow friends and family, and soon there was enough demand for Doherty and Reed to form their own company and make one-of-a-kind creations for their clients.

For now, the venture remains something of a hobby, with Doherty and Reed still retaining full-time jobs outside of Epic Loot, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to spread the word about their one-of-a-kind products.

In addition to gaming tables, the duo also produce materials for comic book storage and traveling cases for dungeon masters on the go to use for Dungeons and Dragons. The challenge so far has been finding ways to make each table in such a way that suits each person’s needs, whether they want more cup holders or a wider table top for expanded game play. While they create all of their products in Grand Rapids, they use wood that’s sourced from different parts of the U.S. and occasionally South America.

“We’ve been trying to find lumberyards that source Michigan wood, but it’s hard to keep it U.S.-based and also be cost-effective,” Reed said.

For now, the duo plans to keep making products that they’re passionate about, and finding ways to spread their word about their unique enterprise. One way to do this has been through different conventions such as GrandCon, which they said was a positive experience.

“It was nice to get feedback from people that weren’t necessarily related to us or worried about hurting our feelings,” Reed said. “A stranger won’t give the same feedback as your mother-in-law, for example.”

Epic Loot also made an appearance at the Grand Rapids Comic Con that took place November 21st-23rd, and Reed said they are looking at attending additional events in Baltimore, Toledo and Traverse City in the future world. In the meantime, they’re looking forward to continuing making products that help people unleash their inner geek

For more information about Epic Loot Furniture, please visit their website.

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