Four Tips That Will Keep You Focused and Productive

By Yvelette Stines on April 3rd, 2017 / Comments

Anything new brings a lot of opportunity, if you allow it. There are some easy ways to create a week full of productivity. Realize that situations will happen that are out of our control, but if you follow a structured system, whatever comes our way should be easier to manage. Each week sit down and review your yearly and monthly goals. As you write out your tasks for the week, make sure you incorporate your goals and the deadlines that you gave yourself to accomplish them. This will help you stay focused and quickly access whether you want to get involved in opportunities. With this practice of consistent reflection, you will have wonderful focus and productivity.

We have four tips that will keep your productivity on point

  1. Make a plan– Find time to reflect on the past week and write down goals for the upcoming week. The goals that you have, incorporate them into your calendar. The simple act of writing things down will help start the process and release some stress about thinking of our long list of responsibilities. Again, refer to your long-term and short-term goals as you set up your week. They are a must to put in your calendar. Don’t forget to carve some time out for yourself too.
  2. Set an intention – If you have one big goal along with other tasks, set an intention to get it done. You can spread it out throughout the week, or finish it in one setting. When you set the intention, this helps you focus on your priorities and outcome.
  3. Review your list daily – Look at your goals daily. Look at everything that you checked off and what has to be accomplished. This is a perfect time to restructure your list as well. Review the list each morning and in the evening. During your evening review, you can adjust the list based on what you completed for the day.
  4. Celebrate– Little wins should be acknowledged such as big wins. If you accomplished your list, or something that you found challenging go celebrate. Many times we don’t see our accomplishments as a big deal. If committed and accomplished your goal, go celebrate. Do something that brings your joy. You deserve it.

Remember to stay focused and on purpose.

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