Founder Larry Weber on What Digital Marketing is Today

By Amanda Lewan on August 20th, 2014 / Comments

Larry Weber Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global knows a thing or two about the shifting digital marketing world.

Social media. Email lists. Blogging. What works in a world where we have just as many ways to share stories as we do tweets in a day?

Larry is known globally for his work through The Weber Group founded in 1987. He has successfully led a number of companies and published several books for digital marketers. I had the honor to hear him speak and share great marketing tips for any business.

The beautiful thing about digital marketing is though it takes time and strategy the costs are generally rather low, making it a smart fit for startups. You can tweet for your business or send out a video without hiring a large and expensive agency. It’s a gift for small businesses and startups, one they can take advantage of more often. Weber shared where the future of this gift is headed.

Marketing today is all about staying engaged. One of the biggest points that Larry shared was that digital marketing must keep people engaged as much as possible. As a business, especially one online, you need to know your audience and serve them well.

He told a story about Amazon emailing him information about an author he loves (this entrepreneur has a Master’s in British Literature). Amazon was able to keep him engaged. He purchased a book, left comments on other books, and then was excited when later he received an update on an author he loved.

“Remember this fact –this is all you will need to know about Digital Marketing. Stay engaged,” said Weber. “I stayed in the digital destination for an hour and half. That’s the job of marketers today – how to get you to stay engaged. It’s the most important thing in marketing.”

Loyalty marketing has huge opportunities ahead. Think loyalty in real time, too. There’s companies like Kiip that message you in real time when your brand wants to reward you. In Michigan Larky is showing traction helping users claim rewards and loyalties they have already earned.

Weber told a story about Starbucks trying out a new program, and how great it was to receive a message right as they drove by a Starbucks.

“I said to my daughter let’s go get a Starbucks. Right when I said that as we were near a store I got at text offering me a free espresso. I thought this was cool – my daughter thought it was spooky,” he said. “Digital loyalty and couponing is going to be huge.”

Marketing will feel seamless for customers. Weber also cited a time when his daughter was sitting on her phone relaxed, shopping and sharing items from the brand Lulu to see which items her friends liked most. She was half watching TV, half shopping online, and happy when she received a text about a deal on the third item she purchased. She was relaxed and enjoying purchasing from this brand, not bothered at all to share or receive a text.

How is your brand making your customer feel relaxed through the process? Is your brand serving your customer rather than interrupting?

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