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By Mayra Monroy on July 24th, 2015 / Comments

With collected law experience between Bryan Marcus and Brian Grant, the lawyers at First Call Law are in the business of helping others. Through examining the mediums in which people hire their lawyers and what their needs are, Marcus and the team work to make sure that you are getting the right lawyer for your needs. Established in 2014, First Call Law operates in offices located in Sterling Heights, Royal Oaks and the Detroit area, and sees an expansion state-wide in their future.

With a goal of serving and filling the gap that exist within the modern legal services market, First Call Law aimed to minimize the stress of finding exactly the type of lawyer you need. With so many different fields of specialization, Marcus and his team at First Call Law are working towards minimizing the never ending list.

“We recognized that were a number of legal matching websites on the Internet.  Users of those sites would search databases to find local lawyers who practice in specific areas of law,” explains Marcus. “However, those users were pretty much on their own.  They had to sort through the numerous attorney listings and profiles and then, without experience in the legal world, somehow make a decision as to which one was right for them.”

With a direct understanding of identifying different areas of specialization in law, First Call Law customizes each referral that comes in. Whether that’s consulting with the client directly, analyzing through all angles and taking a variety of factors into consideration, such as “jurisdiction, complexity, timing and budget.” There is research conducted into the pool of attorneys that specialize in that field, and the service includes a thorough background check and interviews of prospective lawyers. Once the right attorney is chosen, the client is connected.

“We do not simply provide a list for our clients to choose from.  And we do not have a pre-set list of lawyers to whom we make referrals.  We custom-select the right lawyer, who is not affiliated in any way with our firm, for each matter presented,” says Marcus. “Perhaps most importantly, First Call Law does not charge its clients for the service that we provide.  Instead, the lawyers who receive referrals from us pay us a referral fee if and when they earn fees from the case.”

With a large problem being the process in which clients are choosing attorneys, First Call Law is working to minimize that. With a thorough search into the realms of specialization and personalization, First Call Law is here to help.

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