Every Last Morsel Connects Growers to Local Consumers

By Amanda Lewan on September 27th, 2013 / Comments

Todd Jones has always been a gardener. In Chicago, he started his own farming business teaching poor communities how to garden in their own backyard.

But Todd quickly learned he was doing a lot of work managing these gardens on his own. He decided to build an online platform that could better manage gardens.

“I wanted to put them on a network that I thought could have a really big impact,” said Todd.

Gardening can have an impact. According to Todd there are approximately 45 million gardens in the United States valued at $21 billion dollars. In Chicago alone, he cited one study that counted 4,000 gardens in the city.

Todd came to Michigan to join the new Incubator Coolhouse Labs, graduating this past summer from their first class of startups. The platform Every Last Morsel helps connect gardeners to consumers who want to purchase fresh food from local growers. You can log on and see community gardens nearby, take a look at any excess food, and purchase it from your neighbor.

Every Last Morsel could be one of the next startups helping grow the sharing economy, platforms that allowing sharing between consumers, like Airbnb or Task Rabbit. Not only does this startup better connect local neighborhoods, but it also will foster an online community of growers.

“There’s an opportunity to share knowledge. We know that people are interested in buying and growing local food and we want to help educate them,” said Todd.

Todd also says their startup will be national, though they’re piloting in Chicago first. Michigan gave their team a great opportunity for the company to learn more about agriculture and food systems.

“The thing that excited me most about coming up to Michigan to Coolhouse Labs was that it offered us an opportunity to test our idea in a rural setting,” said Todd.

Eventually, they plan to bring farms online to the platform and provide local restaurants with locally grown food too. Right now the website is is in beta testing. Check Every Last Morsel online.

Upcoming Food Event: Making it in Michigan conference this November for food businesses.

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