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Building A Values Based Food Brand

September 28, 2016 @ 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

As organizations worldwide begin to understand how future business models become critical to the shift toward a global sustainable economy, the FoodLab community is focused on understanding and leveraging the role their businesses play in shaping this flourishing future.

Many FoodLab member businesses are already helping to make a difference in their communities, from health and wellness programming to green business practices to adopting sustainable business models focused on business success through purpose driven, sustainability-led innovation that creates scalable positive impact and profitability.

At FoodLab, we know that making a difference can provide more than just a “feel good” experience; a commitment to values can help improve the reputation of your business, increase employee loyalty, and even boost productivity.

Join this community of leaders at “Building A Values Based Food Brand” when businesses such as Slow Jams, Sister Pie, Social Sushi, Fresh Corner Café and many more, share solutions, strategies, and tools for building a sustainable brand.

“Building A Values Based Food Brand” consist of six thematic classes spread out over 2 months. The workshops involve a combination of communal meals, lectures, discussions and participatory methods. All classes are taught by both practitioners and experts in a variety of fields from sustainability to social entrepreneurship. Participants who complete the sessions will leave with a simple, focused 1-page business template. Since, this one page game plan summarizes high level strategy in one page, we know there will be lots of questions to answer. These questions can be grouped into a few critical components:

September 28

October 5
Goals + Vision
What does your business look like? Why should anyone care about what you do? Explore how to ideate, conceptualize your business, its values and its culture.

October 12
The Food Ecosystem
How will you build a collaboration community around prospects, customers, suppliers, partners and competitors? Determine how your business aligns with the larger good-food ecosystem, and within the community it serves.

October 26
Branding & Marketing
How will you explain your business in a compelling, concise way? Explore and examine how to create a brand, market effectively, and develop customer loyalty.

October 19
Identify Your Target Market
Who will you serve? What problem are you solving for them? Identify the market your business belongs to, who consumers are, and how to personally communicate effectively with those consumers.

November 5
Human Resources & Staffing
How do you motivate employees to create economic, environmental and social value? Explore the importance of investing in human capital, and training the right people to carry out your business goals and vision.

November 12
Financial Literacy
Profits are measured in dollars. What is social capital measured in? What about environmental or ecological health? Develop operating budgets, cost controls for labor and expenses, and applying triple bottom line accounting concepts to measure the success of a business.


September 28, 2016
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM


FoodLab Detroit
4444 Second Ave.
Detroit, MI 48201 United States
(313) 799-3468