Eric Ries On Creating Media For Your Startup

By Amanda Lewan on March 28th, 2013 / Comments

When Eric Ries speaks, startups everywhere listen.

But in 2008 that wasn’t the case. In 2008 Eric Ries had left his successful startup and started a blog to share his views. He had five listeners then, but he used it as a way to talk to them, to publish stories about his approach and to grow the lean startup movement.

In this podcast, he shares how blogging helped start a conversation online while Eric was getting kicked out of boardrooms.  He also shares valuable insights for any startup following the lean approach. He emphasizes the importance of blogging and using media.

Everything that the customer experiences is the product. This is something that both media companies and product startups don’t understand.

Things like blogging or creating content or audience awareness around the product is considered a secondary experience, a secondary part of the company…which is completely insane. In many cases, what a customer experiences about your product first is the media long before they experience the product itself. If you’re out of alignment on those two things, you’re causing yourself problems…”

Eric talks about the importance of using digital tools like blogging and social media from the very beginning to include the customer’s experience, to market your startup.

Listen to the full podcast online.

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