Entrepreneur Invents a Safer Way to Listen to Music and Ride

By Amanda Lewan on December 22nd, 2015 / Comments

Craig Lipanski, Inventor and Founder of Safetunz, found himself driving when an idea struck him.

Craig loved to ride his motorcycle. He realized while riding there was no easy way to use an iPod shuffle or the like. Instead, he invented a small bracket to hold music playing devices that allows a driver to not have to look at the device while they drive.

“I came up with it through necessity. I didn’t feel comfortable driving so I developed something that helped,” he said. “Friends started to want it. I kept hearing how fantastic it was to help prevent distracting driving.”

In the world of distracting driving, Craig says that a driver spends about five seconds looking away to change their music. That five seconds can mean life or death for the driver. With 3,154 people killed by distracted drivers in 2013, and 424,000 injured in 2012, he’s sees Safetunz as solution.

Craig is a maker by heart. He works full time as a machinist, receiving a degree in industrial management from Macomb. He made the first version out of cardbord, but has come a long way since then. Now Craig has a series of these safety brackets he calls “Safetunz” and received a patent in the U.S. The printing, the label, and the product is made in Michigan. 



It was during a meeting with a lawyer that he discovered another use for his new product, adding it to those with wheelchairs. Now he markets to both audiences, disabled and motor vehicle drivers, still with the same mission to let folks enjoy their tunes.

“Tenacity is so important. You’ve got to follow through with your idea,” he said. “My philosophy is one thing each day to push the idea forward. That’s gotten me to the market today.”

Check out Safetunz here! 


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