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By Mayra Monroy on September 22nd, 2015 / Comments

Today’s economy and ever-changing environment calls for a higher demand in experience and education. Grand Rapids based Encoursa’s mission is to assist accounting and finance professionals track their professional certifications and find thousands of continuing education courses based on their individual criteria. Through their services, Encoursa allows professionals to “focus on the ‘learning’ aspect of training, while advancing their careers.”

“The inspiration came from our own desire for a better way to find and track continuing education hours. As a CPA, I am required to get 40 hours of continuing education each year to maintain my license in the State of Michigan,” says Matthew Briggson, Encoursa co-fonder.”I was spending more time on searching for training and tracking my hours than taking the actual courses. We wanted a more efficient and reliable way to search for continuing education courses, track requirements, and maintain the proper documentation. Our research told us this was a common problem among those with accounting and finance certifications. This led to the creation of Encoursa which we decided to offer 100% free for users.”

The first platform of its kind, Encoursa combines “CPE tracking and a searchable course index,” creating simplicity and efficiency in continuing education professionals.

Through empowering busy professionals, Briggson, his co-founder Jamie Ontiveros, and their team at Encoursa are opening the doors for continuing education for accounting and financial professionals. While they continue their education and pursue other goals, Encoursa handles the administrative aspect, keeping track of courses, certifications and also providing services such as helping you find training, courses, and more.

“I went to a startup event and discussed my idea with someone who ended up connecting me to our co-founder Jamie [Ontiveros],” says Briggson. “Be a collaborator, join a startup community, go to the meetups, and engage.”

At this moment in time, Encoursa’s key users include finance and accounting professionals, but see an expansion to other professions in the future. What started as a personal networking project has expanded in the course of two months. With full potential and a promising future, Encoursa remains dedicated to its users.

“The most rewarding part of building the business is creating true value. We’re receiving a lot of positive feedback from accounting professionals and training providers alike,” says Briggson. “We’re an early stage product and have been receiving great suggestions.”

Potential users should keep an eye out for Encoursa’s future innovation.

“We are exploring extending the platform to benefit employers and associations.  Our technology team is cooking up exciting things in the lab,” says Briggson. “We don’t have plans to expand outside of accounting just yet, but it is a possibility. Other professions, such as IT and Healthcare, also have continuing education requirements. There is no shortage of opportunity.”

For more information, please visit www.encoursa.com


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