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By Yvelette Stines on October 7th, 2016 / Comments

Some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and this theory is true for Ebony Cochran the Senior Credit Consultant at Blackwood Credit Services.  It was in middle school when Cochran started selling keychains. The entrepreneurial bug stuck with her and led her to start her own tax company called The Tax Place. Her business was successful and created some strong competition.

“H&R Block bought my company, they approached me because I was in a one mile radius and taking all of their clients,” she said.

Although she was doing well with The Tax Place, Cochran knew it was the right time to sell because the passion wasn’t in the business.

“I knew I was doing it for the money, I did it for so long and the passion was no longer there,” she said.  Once Cochran sold her business the spiritual journey began. She wanted to find something she was passionate about and something that would truly help others.  In the process of transitioning, praying, and being still she started to work on her husband’s credit.ebonycochranphoto

“I was excelling in this area and I wanted to bring him where I was. I knew I was a credit expert, so I used my free time to work on his credit,” she said.  As his scores improved she started to share the good news on social media. People started to notice and asked Cochran to help them. Her initial thought, “this is a husband perk and I am still praying on my next chapter.”  Cochran realized that she “was doing what [she] prayed for.” The wheels started turning and Blackwood Credit Services was born.

“When I sold my business I also purchased an office suite in Southfield I decided to start taking clients,” she said. With this decision came a lot of research and structuring so her business would have the best services for her clients.  With a system in place the doors were officially open and her career has come full circle creating something she loves and helping people for generations to come.

When people inquire about services from Blackwood, you become a part of an extended family. Cochran doesn’t take all on all prospective clients, because she wants a win-win situation for everyone who comes through the door. Customer service is a high priority.

When you do hire Blackwood for your credit consulting expect amazing results and to put in some work. Cochran is an expert that will guide you every step of the way, but as a team.

“I educate and give clients homework, as they follow the steps they will understand what it takes to improve their credit versus someone doing everything for them,” shes said.

As Cochran guides each client through the process of credit repair, they will understand the specific steps to improve their credit and keep it in shape. With this information, they can help others.  This is the answer to Cochran’s initial prayer, and she is improving the lives of many.

When it comes to improving your credit, Cochran advises the following.

  1. Pull your credit report.
  2. Educate yourself the best you can about credit.
  3. Seek help. It is okay to ask for assistance, there is no reason to be embarrassed.

In the future, Cochran would like to start selling products and trainings. “

There are some people that are more do it yourself and some don’t have the time to come in.” Cochran wants to have the information accessible to everyone who needs it,” she said.

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