Driver on Tap Grows in Lansing

By Jane Whitttington on January 18th, 2016 / Comments

Now, in the “why didn’t I think of that department” we have  the new app Driver on Tap, an entrepreneurial enterprise which serves Lansing and the surrounding area. It was created by someone who saw a need for more access to drivers.

Jose F. Ramirez, Chief Operating Officer of Driver on Tap, says, “Using our free app on their iPhone, a customer can call us from wherever they are and ask us to pick them up and take them home. We arrive at their location, drive them home in their own car and leave their car safe and sound in their own garage or driveway. Understanding the danger of drinking and driving, not only for the driver but for everyone else on the road, this seemed like a simple way to solve what I call the ‘driving dilemma’. Using our service, the problem of drinking and driving is solved, with the added convenience of having your own car on your property when you’re ready for it the next day.”

Launched a year ago, Driver on Tap has taken off, and Ramirez and his crew of drivers have developed a strong presence not only for those who want to be responsible and keep the roads safe but also for those to whom this service is a great convenience.

Ramirez says, “We’ve found that senior citizens like to use our service for things like going out to dinner. Some older people don’t like to drive at night or drive in bad weather on Michigan’s problematical roads, and they call us to get them to their residence and back home safely and conveniently. We’ve also had calls to take people to doctor’s appointments or other errands. In fact, one group of older women had us drive them to the big Nordstrom sale and back home again with their bargains!”

The startup has also seen a rise in families needed rides to airports for trips, who don’t want to pay for long-term parking. In fact, though Ramirez supposed that his main customers would be college students, he has found the Driver on Tap appeals to a wide demographic. He says that about 70 percent of his business comes to them by word of mouth—his customers appreciate the service and recommend it to others. Bartenders and restaurant personnel have also become familiar with his product and recommend it to their patrons.

The first ride is only $10 with subsequent service running about two to three times the cost of a cab ride. However, being driven in one’s own car is more convenience, cleaner and more comfortable.

Drivers are diligently screened using local, state and national resources. Criminal checks are required, and drug testing before the hire and random drug screens thereafter guarantee safe service. Driver on Tap trains drivers not only in safe driving skills but also in customer service. Ramirez says that customer feedback is always considered a priority.

Drivers work 12-hour on-call shifts and none are on-call more than 36 hours a week. He employs both male and female drivers.

“People really like the service, and our business has grown steadily. We’d like to expand our company both here and into other areas, and we’re working on some ideas right now,” said Ramirez.

For more information on Driver on Tap and to download the app, go to


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