Doorganics: Organic Food Delivered to Your Door

By Jane Whitttington on July 18th, 2016 / Comments

Organic. Local. Fresh. Seasonal. Healthy. Convenient. Delicious! Doorganics’ mission is to bring this kind of food directly to kitchens throughout West Michigan. For people who can’t always make it to the Farmers’ Market but who want the kind of food on offer there, Doorganics is a simple and efficient way of making sure families have access to the best local foods available.

Mike Hughes, owner and founder of Doorganics, started with just an idea in 2011. Without a business plan or a system in place, he soon found himself a victim of his own success. He had too many customers and lacked a solid structure for purchasing, scheduling, distribution, and billing. He remedied those problems by reorganizing and making use of customized software which solved those problems and put the business on a solid footing. Since then, the business has grown and the ideas he started with have come to fruition.

Hughes says, “I started the business for people like me. I had a full-time job and was having trouble making it to the Farmers’ Market to stock up on fresh, local produce. In coming up with a solution, I wanted to support local farms, and I wanted to provide a service for people like myself who are interested in good, healthy food.”

He continues, “My first farm partner was Ingraberg Farms in Rockford. Since then, Doorganics has continued to add farmers to our pool of producers.”

Starting with just one farm, Doorganics now offers food from an impressive list of 46 farms, listed at While most come from West Michigan, there are a few vendors from outside the area which Doorganics uses for specialty items like salmon, which comes to them from Alaska.

The concept is simple for the consumer. When a customer subscribes to the service, they receive a product list every Thursday, a week before the delivery date. Depending on the subscription level the client is offered from ten to 18 items. Orders can be customized from a list posted on the website. It’s that easy. The food is then delivered directly to the customer. Hughes says that some of their subscribers choose a weekly delivery while others opt for an every-other-week option.  Meat and eggs are available but only as an add-on basis.

Prices are very reasonable especially when customers can be assured that everything in the delivery bin is not only organic but also locally sourced. Hughes says that people are often surprised by the variety of items grown in Michigan and are happy to sample products that may be unfamiliar to them.

Doorganics currently has ten employees who work out of a facility on the south side of Grand Rapids. Their delivery area includes Grand Rapids and its suburbs as well as the Lakeshore communities of Holland, Grand Haven and Spring Lake.

Hughes and his staff are proud of the role they play in helping small farms flourish. The company is growing as more and more customers learn about Doorganics and sign up for the service, enjoying the ease and efficiency of having good food delivered right to their home kitchens.

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