Do you have a Purposeful Passion for your Business?

By Michael Mefli on October 15th, 2016 / Comments

For many entrepreneurs there is a hope, a wish that their business will be successful. There might even be a need for this success to occur. However, this is not enough to create a growing and successful business. For many entrepreneurs there is a desire to work where you want, on what you want, when you want and that sounds really good, but does it get you up in the morning? Does it get you out of bed? Does it keep you up and night?

Do you have a purpose for creating a product or services that solves a problem? Do you have passion for being an entrepreneur?  Without creating a purposeful passion, it will be difficult to create success as an entrepreneur. This purposeful passion will be what lasts long after the fun and excitement of the original idea is gone, it is what will move you through obstacles and challenges, it is how you can stay focused on your outcomes and ultimately grow personally and professionally to create success.

Having passion is not the issue – many of us get passionate about many different things from politics, to religion, to music and even the latest news spewed all over social media. We will take stands and voice opinions and even have heated discussions with family and friends over topics and ideals. While this can lead to high energy, often times it is wasted energy based on situations and matters out of your control. What if you applied that same energy to your business, to being an entrepreneur? Is there an opportunity to find passion in being an entrepreneur?

I believe that many entrepreneurs can find some passion from time to time around their business, however many lack being purposeful. Providing their product or service with an intention, a defined why. Taking actions and doing things to complete a checklist will not equate to success. Rather, there needs to be an uncontrollable emotion – the passion for your business-  to be purposeful in the actions one take.

While it would be nice to have a six step process for how to be purposefully passionate, quite often it will take a certain amount of personal growth and development. For some it will start with a vision board. For others it requires asking difficult questions  like “What would you do if you could not fail?”

If you aren’t sure if your passion is intentional, your company is intentional or purposeful, take a moment to remember when you first came up with the concept for your business. Why did you move forward? Did you take the next steps to be rich, or to help others who may have had the same problems you encountered. Was your intention to help them so they would not face what you faced, so that they could move forward on their own path?

Perhaps you haven’t lost your passion, just forgotten your original intention. Is your business still on the path you wanted it to take, or has it found another path totally out of line to what you originally intended? If that’s the case, it may be difficult to have purpose behind the passion if the purpose has shifted. Perhaps reevaluating where you are now from where you started can help you have purposeful passion once again.

If it is not, what would you need to change to make that happen? How would you need to transform the culture, transition your team or even make a pivot?

One thing that is certain – when an entrepreneur has purposeful passion, they can move through anything, creating miracles around them and growing themselves and their businesses exponentially.


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Michael Mefli

Michael Mefli

Michael Melfi is an Intellectual Property attorney, entrepreneur coach, investor, national media personality and author. He founded Treps Nest, an online platform providing entrepreneurs the attention, programs and training they need to be successful.