Detroit Startup creates new water proof socks

By Mayra Monroy on August 14th, 2015 / Comments

With Michigan’s unpredictable weather season to season, there’s something that everyone can agree on: wet socks are the worst. As a student at the University of Michigan, Jaspreet Singh came across the idea of water resistant sock wear on his way to a class, in which he made the split-second decision to pitch this potential business idea for a project, attending the class with socks that were soaked along the way. Despite the fact that it was a split-second idea, it was a lasting one and what led to the foundation of 5 Water Socks.

5 Water Socks was inspired by Singh’s two homes: Detroit, Michigan and his native home of Punjab, India. Michigan’s proximity to the Great Lakes and the literal translation of Punjab to the “land of 5 waters” came forth in Singh’s idea.

“Beyond creating revolutionary socks, we want to help our community,” says Singh. “Both areas are facing similar socio-economic issues, so I want to bring light to those.”

5 Water Socks are created and blended to fit right into your sock drawer. Blended from “high-quality, super soft yarns”, the socks have unique “water-resistant properties” from 5 Water Socks’ “RainArmor” technology. The RainArmor™ technology includes a process of blending “water-phobic nanoparticles with comfortable and high quality yarn fibers.”The water-resistant socks are the first of its kind and despite the intricate nature of their composition, the socks can be washed and dried just like any other pair of socks.

With a key demographic of users in athletics, the breathable socks are resistant to low pressures of water and dry quickly. Sweat and moisture evaporates, leaving the sock comfortable and breathable for anyone using them. The socks also prevent odor and itching with natural anti-microbial factors that shut out the bacteria and fungus that can grow from wet socks. The technology in the socks is also designed for safe, direct-to-skin contact, feeling and looking like the average sock.

“The most rewarding part [of the product] has been seeing the business come to life with an amazing response from the public,” says Singh. “I had to go through a lot of people telling me it was impossible before I could figure out how to do it.”

For more information and to order your own, please visit 5 Water Socks’ website.

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