Detroit Soup Celebrates 5 Years of Helping Entrepreneurs

By Amanda Lewan on January 16th, 2015 / Comments

What started off as a dinner with friends above Mexicantown Bakery has now turned into a program that’s raised over $85,000 across 95 dinners and nine neighborhood organizations.

Detroit Soup lets attendees enjoy a bowl of soup and listen to neighborhood entrepreneurs and creators pitch ideas. All of the participants get worthy feedback from neighbors and one winner takes home the money donated, the $5 given for every bowl of soup from attendees.

Executive Director Amy Kaherl says that one of the best results has been the worthy feedback the community gives.

“We found a lot of people are exploring their own passions and what the city needs to make it better,” said Kaherl. “A lot of people get their first boost of support here. They get feedback. They get answers.”

This February Detroit Soup will celebrate the winners, among them Rebel Nell a jewelry company recycling graffiti in Detroit, the Empowerment Plant, Always Brewing Detroit, Sit on it Detroit and many more. The winners of five years of events span across arts, education, youth programs, and often urban agriculture. Kaherl did say there was a large trend in land use when Detroit first began to close its parks in 2013, but has noticed none as of late.

With a team of 80 volunteers helping support neighborhood Detroit Soup events, Kaherl has her hands full leading the organization. You can find a soup in many neighborhoods now, including Hamtramck, Brightmoor, and the North End.

“A lot of times people ask what’s going on the neighborhoods? Come to a Detroit soup and you’ll find out,” said Kaherl.

Don’t forget to come to their special five year celebration at Ford Field next month. Sponsorships and tickets are still available, with funds going right back to the community one bowl of soup at a time. More about the event below.

Photo via Detroit Soup.


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