Dating App creates social awareness: slated to move into Detroit

By Mayra Monroy on October 13th, 2015 / Comments

With new forms of communication developing daily, the online dating pool has grown from a puddle to an ocean of new possibilities. With apps, such as Tinder, gaining traction among the younger demographic, Brian Gerrard noticed something that was lacking: the lack of options for people of color.

Gerrard and his team created Bae, an acronym for the saying “before anyone else”, and have launched not only a new dating application, but one that also creates social change and awareness. The key demographic of users for the application are African-Americans, ages 18  to 35.

“If you’re single, you should be on Bae,” says Gerrard.

After seeing his family and friends struggle in finding new people on other dating apps, Gerrard realized a common problem: the lack of “matches” and chances to find a partner for people of color.

“My friends that used Tinder were getting frustrated,” says Gerrard. “It doesn’t seem like it was made for us.”

Gerrard and his team sought and developed an application that would create an inclusive community for people of color and an environment for which was tailored for them. With the realization of the difference of messages and people seen on applications such as Tinder, African-Americans were underrepresented and had a smaller chance of getting a message or a match.adprint_8x11_03_bis (1)

Through grassroots marketing and a strong social media presence, Bae has had a successful outreach, with 100,000 downloads to date, with over 20,000 matches from users of the applications.

The inclusive community on Bae seeks to “break down barriers” and allow users to find match with people interested in dating with no reservations or lack of communication abilities.

According to their website, Bae “Our platform has a singular focus – creating experiences that allow members of our community to easily and seamlessly find their Bae.”

The startup, originally based in New York, is in the process of moving to Detroit, once the final phase of seed funding has closed. The team has worked hard one hundred plus hour weeks to build their startup and have more expansion plans in their future.

Aside from their application site, in which you can download the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, Bae also has a content web page that has a blog, videos and real life match stories from users.

“Bae creates a cool, fun place for black people to date,” says Gerrard.

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