Chalkfly Adds Fundraising Platform

By Amanda Lewan on September 20th, 2013 / Comments

Startup Chalkfly has already created a better way to shop for school supplies, but now they’ve added another feature for giving back.

The company already gives back five percent of every purchase to a local school. The startup was recently estimated to hit $2 million in sales during their first year and is growing to a team of over 15 employees. The website has started becoming a platform for giving back to teachers, connecting those who want to help local schools to specific schools in need. The startup launched a new fundraising platform this week.

“We’ve had a lot of success helping teachers by donating Chalkfly cash (store credit) for those educators to use on classroom supplies but we knew we could do better,” says Lisa Alberts of Chalkfly.  “Teachers need supplies but they also need money to help fund a frog dissection project or a trip to a local farm.”

The new fundraising platform allows teachers and community members to raise money and ask their network to purchase Chalfky vouchers. Each $20 voucher gives back $5 for the fundraiser. It’s a different way for the community to purchase what they need instead of selling candy or coupon books door to door.

Check it out live now, and read our original story on How Chalkfly Helps Your Local Schools.

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