Silver Star Café is tucked away in a comfortable corner of the Calder Building on Monroe Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids. Started by childhood friends Nate Peltier and Nate Nowak, it celebrated its grand opening on March 1st and is going “Army strong”. With a military theme, it attracts veterans (and offers them a ten […]

The Grid Arcade and Bar To Open in Lansing

By Jane Whitttington on February 23, 2017

Now Lansing residents can relive the days of their youth—if their youth includes the 70’s and 80’s. The Grid Arcade and Bar is coming to Old Town and bringing with it a lively atmosphere, craft beers from across the state and the nation, and retro video games. Corey Montie and Callie Mykut, co-owners, are putting […]

Squibb Coffee Bar: A coffee shop with a community of its own

By Chucky Blackmore on February 3, 2017

Acknowledging that Grand Rapids is a breeding ground for great tasting coffee is surely an understatement.  No matter how you like your coffee served, creativity finds its way into every cup in West Michigan.  Of course there are preferred franchises like Starbucks, Biggby, and Dunkin’ Donuts, however family-owned coffee shops are gaining a lot of […]

City Built Brews Up Craft Beers and Puerto Rican Dishes

By Chucky Blackmore on December 19, 2016

  Grand Rapids is known as “Beer City USA” for reasons that extend far beyond beer brewing and drinking.  The city itself is home to many innovative breweries and distilleries whose owners live for pleasing the Grand Rapids community.  Their establishments bring in patrons from all around the nation to take part in a growing […]

Chestnut Products a Growing Business for Treeborn Products

By Jane Whitttington on December 16, 2016

Tis the season for “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, and many of us are ready to enjoy this holiday treat. Treeborn Products, however, knows that chestnuts can do so much more than that! Treeborn is bringing chestnuts to new markets for new and exciting uses and, not incidentally, helping Michigan’s economy grow. Treeborn grew […]

Meet Detroit’s Sweet Potato Innovators

By Lauren Hoffman on November 28, 2016

This story begins over 29 years ago, with a cookie. Specifically, the sweet potato cookie Cassandra Thomas finally agreed to bake for her husband Jeffery on the  very first Thanksgiving they were married. That cookie would become the foundation for Sweet Potato Sensations their soulful Old Redford bakery and restaurant that now serves as a […]

Grand Rapids Business Grows from Bottled Kombucha

By Jane Whitttington on November 3, 2016

Emily Helmus started her business, Bloom Ferments, in 2012, but it was a couple of years before that when she discovered kombucha. Not sure what that is? You’re not alone. Though kombucha was brewed as early as 1900 in Russia and its first mention in Germany was in 1911, it wasn’t popular in the United […]

Enjoy Coffee for a Great Cause at Pour Over Ypsi

By Yvelette Stines on October 2, 2016

If you are someone who loves coffee, music, and supporting great organizations, there is an awesome event that might just make you smile. You can enjoy your favorite drink and support a good cause at the same time. Pour Over Ypsi is taking place for the second year and local coffee shops are gathering to […]

5 Food Trucks to Know in Grand Rapids

By Jane Whitttington on August 23, 2016

Food truck owners and operators in Grand Rapids will have to wait until August 23 to find out if the City Commission will pass an ordinance allowing food trucks more freedom to operate in the city. A public hearing on July 26 allowed community members as well as food truck owners to discuss the ordinance. […]

Local Orbit Links Healthy Food and Healthy Businesses

By Chucky Blackmore on August 12, 2016

In the last several decades, humans have managed to distribute mass quantities of food to various parts of the world for consumption.  This quick system of distribution is convenient for both the companies manufacturing the food and the people buying and consuming it.  However, as we move into more of a consumer-driven world, people want […]

The popular sushi pop-up in Detroit is close to opening their first brick and mortar spot. The tasty sushi rolls are inventive and draw a bit crowd each and every Saturday night in Corktown.  Now, you can have a slice of their business growth, too. Using the platform EquityEats, a crowdfunding site specifically for restaurants who want […]

Southern BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine Arrives to Lansing

By Jane Whitttington on July 27, 2016

When the name of the restaurant is Meat, customers have an excellent clue as to what’s on the menu. In Lansing, Meat, located in the Old Town neighborhood, is busy serving up its own unique blend of smoked meats and succulent sauces. Owner and operator Sean Johnson’s Meat: Southern BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine is bringing […]

Doorganics: Organic Food Delivered to Your Door

By Jane Whitttington on July 18, 2016

Organic. Local. Fresh. Seasonal. Healthy. Convenient. Delicious! Doorganics’ mission is to bring this kind of food directly to kitchens throughout West Michigan. For people who can’t always make it to the Farmers’ Market but who want the kind of food on offer there, Doorganics is a simple and efficient way of making sure families have […]

Sweet Encounters Opens Gluten Free Bakery in East Lansing

By Jane Whitttington on May 17, 2016

What’s a mother to do? When Nikki Thompson Frazier discovered that her daughters were both multi-allergic, she knew she had to act. Her older daughter, aged five, is allergic to wheat, soy, corn and fish while her younger child, aged two, is allergic to wheat, eggs, milk and nuts. However, she didn’t want them to […]

Celebrating 125 Years of The Eastern Market

By Yvelette Stines on May 8, 2016

Whether it is your first or fiftieth time visiting the Eastern Market, there is a level of excitement that comes with the visit. A long time memory is created, a new friendship is made, and there is a positive energy carried throughout the whole location. This feeling and experience has created traditions, memories, and great […]