Calling all Geeks: A New Home for You in Grand Rapids

By Amanda Lewan on February 21st, 2014 / Comments

Where can geeks go to play and hang with other geeks? The Geek Group labs facility in Grand Rapids is now open for anyone to join the fun.

Growing from a members only science organization in the 1990’s, The Geek Group now offers work space, resources, and mentorship to build, make, or create that next project of yours.

Members get access to state of the art prototyping and manufacturing equipment, science labs, and specialized instructions. Staff and volunteers can help, with backgrounds ranging from mobile app development to electronics, physics, or video production. You can also tap into their online network of over 25,000 professionals. That’s a large group of friends to lean on for help.

The 43,000 sq. ft makerspace sounds like a dream come true for all makers. Headquartered on Leonard Street in Grand Rapids, they just finished renovations of their space last Fall.

Director of Development Josh Spencer describes it as a “unique atmosphere of open idea sharing and innovation which are enhanced by the millions of dollars’ worth of equipment we offer.”

You can catch a public tour with the Geek Group every Saturday at 12:30 p.m., or find more information online at 

Does your town have a local maker space?

If you’re looking for other spaces, check out our Michigan Co-Working Space and Incubator List.

Photo above: Geek Group member art.

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