Business Classes for Creatives Kick off This Summer

By Amanda Lewan on May 27th, 2015 / Comments

We know that artists and creatives, whether working independently or together on ventures, need entrepreneurial skills to succeed. Usually the profiting and marketing side of an artists’ work isn’t a huge focus. One local organization is here to help artists and creatives realize their full business potential.

The Detroit Art & Business Institute is geared towards helping artists learn the business side of their work. They’ve now partnered this summer with the ACCESS Growth Center to offer the first of its kind business course crafted specifically for the creative community.

The eight week course invites artists, makers and designers to gather on Tuesday beginning June 2nd for detailed education all around the business side of creative ventures.

Weekly topics will include:
Session 1. Building From the Inside Out: Mission Statement and Basic Business Strategies
Session2.  Legal Entities, Taxes and Licenses
Session 3. Pricing Art for Profit, the Emotional of Pricing, Discounting and more
Session 4. Product Benefits and Finding Your Ideal Customer (wholesale and retail)
Session 5. Business Costs and Overhead: Realistic Sales Projections
Session 6. Marketing (Social Media), Branding and Promotional Materials
Session 7. Working with Clients, Galleries and Retailers plus Contracts & Agreements
Session 8. Collaborations to Profit From, Alternative Revenue Streams plus GRADUATION!

The course is described as helping creatives learn profiting, marketing and selling, not just building a business plan. It’s designed for both emerging and established artists, makers, designers, and other creatives. This  8-week course to help artists profit from and enjoy their creative businesses is being offered for a budget-friendly price of $225.

To register contact Hassan Bazzi, Growth Center Manager, or 313-203-2677. Check out more on the Detroit Art & Business Institute here.

*Registration has extended to next Tuesday, June 9th. 

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