Bros. Leather Crafts Fine Products from Grand Rapids

By Mayra Monroy on April 27th, 2015 / Comments

Entrepreneur Adam Kail found Grand Rapids to be a great home for  his ambitions. His startup was founded in March of 2014 with one question in mind: “Is it possible to own a great leather bag without remortgaging your home?” With Bros. Leather, the answer has been: yes.

Bros. Leather started out as a grain in the mind of Kail, a fan of honest leatherwork and a luxurious brand that won’t break the bank. A simple question that crossed his mind would be the groundwork for one of Grand Rapids’ most successful startups.

“I was looking for a leather bag and I just couldn’t find one that didn’t cost me my mortgage payment,” laughs Kail. “We started on a $2,500 investment. We’re kind of blown away from the response.”

The company has been working on back order since launching itself in March of last year. With their bags being so wildly popular, it’s no wonder that they have been critically acclaimed, being featured in fashion websites such as Maxim and in a variety of different retailers across the country.

“We’ve been able to grow our brand quickly and effectively,” says Kail. “We’ve only had bags in stock two times [this] last year.”

Through traditional word-of-mouth marketing, Bros. Leather has been able to expand outside Grand Rapids. The company has added additional  service areas and a product line as they continue to grow.

“It’s been fun to watch it grow and how people are responding to it,” says Kail.

Kail stays busy in other startups as well. Harrison Gray Search & Consulting works with companies that seek to fill in specific positions. With a focus in high-end executive searches, the firm was founded in January of last year. They also provide consulting for startups. Through Kail’s experiences in corporations, small and large, Harrison Gray Search & Consulting boasts success. Grand Rapids has been a prosperous home for both startups.

Kail is a father of three, another title to add to his name. However, whether it’s staying up with his children, or working with either startup, it’s all been rewarding for Kail.

“The ability to build and create has been really rewarding to me,” says Kail. “Watching it grow from a ten-by-ten office downtown a year ago to a 3,000-square-foot studio…it’s been crazy for us. It was an idea that turned into reality.”

Not only is Bros. Leather building the foundation for a promising future, but they also give back to the community. Through a variety of charity work and donations, Kail and his team create change and advocate for causes that vary from cancer awareness to sponsoring children in underdeveloped countries.

Bros. Leather success has not come easy but it doesn’t go unrecognized.

“It’s all through hard work and the market accepting or affirming your idea,” says Kail.

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