Brittni Brown is Changing the Game of Public Relations

By Yvelette Stines on March 29th, 2017 / Comments

It was in college when Brittni Brown would start her public relations career of innovation and excellence. At the time, she was continuing the tradition of her family and studying to be an educator. Like most students, she got involved in the campus community and joined some organizations. What started as a project, became the moment that would shift the whole trajectory of her career.

It was at Eastern Michigan University when Brown, who has made a name for herself as the Millennial’s Publicist, put on a historical event.

“It was me and another individual who founded EMU’s Fashion Week. We were the first university to hold a week-long fashion show,” she says. The logistics included “figuring out how to get 1,500 people to attend this event at a school that was not known for fashion. We had a quarter mile runway outside and we really had to make something out of nothing,” she continues.

What Brown made was the start of her career, along with the fashion show came media placements on both radio and television. “From that point people were saying you have the gift of gab, and you can make something out of nothing. This was my moment that I realized I can take anything and make it into something. This is also what public relations is in a nutshell, you have to do a good job of conveying why people should come to an event, or even take notice.”

Fast forward to 2011 The Bee Agency opened its doors. With a strong vision, Brown started to create a movement where people couldn’t help but take notice. The Bee Agency is a small boutique firm located in Detroit, MI. Their clients are local and national, but Brown’s primary focus is Detroit. “We have clients in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship,” she says. The client roster is comprised of “young professionals and millennials who are innovators and game changers.” The agency does take clients outside of the lifestyle and millennial focus, but this is their specialty.

Within the six years of operation, Brown has perfected the art to the point where she is changing the look of public relations. Her ground work was solid. Her first client was Tommey Walker of Detroit vs. Everybody. “He saw the potential in me and asked if I would be his publicist. The (brand) wasn’t as big as it is now. I had to come in and figure out how to make this lifestyle brand a movement,” she says. It was that moment “I became a publicist. That is when I had to maneuver how to coordinate press and interviews for Tommey. I had to get his social media to over 100K followers. Figuring this out, I knew I would continue to learn and be better at my craft.”

Taking a humble approach to her success Brown prides herself in always learning, and consistently growing and improving.  With a deep affection for Detroit and the community, Brown is at the point where she wants to share her knowledge to help others shine their light as well.

This year The Bee Agency is launching the educational division of the company with Bee•coming Your Brand: The University. This will take place in May and it is only open to 20 students. “I want to know each student like the back of my hand. This is why we are doing a full application process where we are learning everyone, their needs, strengths, and weaknesses,” says Brown. Students will leave with tools that will help them become their brand and understand the steps to help them succeed. This is the agency’s firs installment of Bee•coming Your Brand: The University, and Brown plans to continue the education division. With an original intention of becoming an educator this is a full circle moment as she educating her students about her passion.

In the future, you will see The Bee Agency growing on a national level, expanding the educational division and changing the game of public relations.

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