Bareo App Creates Smarter Food Inventory System

By Amanda Lewan on December 14th, 2015 / Comments

Often while on the path to creating a new company, you take a completely different turn than expected.

For Karen Timmerman the Co-founder and Designer of the new app Bareo, she learned her food company was actually breaking Michigan’s cottage food laws. She had to close down the business. But starting a food company would give her very valuable insights into her second company.

I took a lot of what I learned and went to a 30 weeks Google Creative Lab incubator in New York,” she said. “The resulting product was Bareo.”

The former CCS student was born and raised in Mexico but has spent the past 11 years in Southeast Michigan. After going through the program in New York, a lower cost of rent called her back to Metro Detroit to launch her app Bareo. The web and iPhone app provides a simple and much more affordable alternative for food inventory management. The app tracks all raw ingredients your food industry sells, allows you to receive notifications when orders are needed, and easily restock and forecast future needs.

Timmerman says the new app is especially helpful for the small business and food startup. Other food inventory softwares or apps are expensive and don’t provide the full services needed. Bareo aims to serve food businesses all for $10 a month. They are now testing with local food businesses in Detroit.

Timmerman is co-founder, along with two other founder partners, and she is the lead creative designer. She says the design thinking she learned at CCS helped her to create the app.

“They push a lot of human centered design and design thinking. So this is something I apply to every aspect of my life,” she said. 

A bigger goal too for her and the Bareo team is to strengthen the local food economy.

“We’re aiming to strengthen local foods supply chains and making it easier to start a food business,” she said. “More people can track food ingredients, track food waste, and connect to local supply networks.”

Learn more about Bareo here and join them this week for a soft launch party in Detroit. softlaunch


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