Apply Now: $200,000 for Your Innovative Detroit Idea

By Amanda Lewan on March 17th, 2015 / Comments

It’s always great to hear about more seed funding available for ideas. But this new campaign, the IdeaMarket Innovate Detroit Challenge, is looking for some of the greatest entrepreneurial ideas you have.

Launched at SXSW 2015 through their Detroit house, the campaign is a combination of partnerships between IdeaMarket’s platform to match entrepreneur’s ideas to investors, and local Detroit investors.  Investor Bill Thomason recently moved back to the Detroit area, and has been working on great ways to connect talent in Michigan to connections in the valley. He also sees a challenge like this helping attract new talent to the city.

Thomason helped organize the current challenge and encourages all types of ideas for submission. But, why Detroit?

“A lot of the problems Detroit has are universal. We are trying to find innovative people to solve problems and ideas in Detroit,” said Thomason.

If you’re at the conference this year you can stop in to their house at 1917 East 10th Street. Submit your idea online here today and best of luck. We’d love to hear you’re innovative ideas too anytime.

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