Apigee’s Free Mobile App Development Class Comes to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on May 6th, 2013 / Comments

This week Apigee is hosting a free mobile app development class for programmers and entrepreneurs.

That’s right a free class from 9-5 on Friday at the Penobscot building in Detroit. The class will cover everything you need to know to build your first mobile app. By the end of the class attendees will have a fully-featured app ready for release without having to write a single line of server-side code.

Local programmer and entrepreneur Matthew Dobson will be co-teaching this class along with Nima Vadiee.

“The class will be focused on every aspect of app development,” said Matthew. “We’ll be doing everything from rapidly prototyping a mobile front end, to working with a Backend as a service to store data for the app.”

For tech startups, Matthew believes they’ll benefit from learning how to quickly and effectively build mobile apps. Startups will gain access to resources, tools, and frameworks needed for fast development. Newer, cutting edge concepts like using PhoneGap to build mobile applications will be taught.

“I’m incredibly excited to bring this class to the city,” said Matthew. “It will be awesome to show off the powerful paradigms of using HTML5 in mobile apps, and being able to use a backend as a service to easily store data and scale your apps to many users.”

Apigee has hosted these mobile development classes all across the world. The company builds analytics and management solutions for cloud services and APIs.

Sing up for the free development class. Check in on eventbright, but make sure you check back with us and share your mobile app.

Photo via Apigee.

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