Ann Arbor’s Avegant Glyph Rocks Reviews at CES 2014

By Amanda Lewan on January 15th, 2014 / Comments

Imagine a device that streams content turning your headphones into a personal movie theater. Would you want it?

The product is called Glyph, and its created by Ann Arbor based Avegant. The startup rocked this year’s CES 2014 show in Vegas, receiving rave reviews and chosen as one of USA Today’s Editor’s Choice Award recipients.

According to MLive, the product was only one of 40 chosen for the award, out of nearly 250,000 products on display. The startup describes themselves as developing the next generation of wearable technology. The video stream goes directly to the eyes of a user, showing an experience equivalent to an 80-inch, high definition TV screen.

Check out their rave reviews and press below:

We can expect a kickstarter soon for the product coming soon. Check out more by visiting Avegant’s website.

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