Accountants Rejoice with This Grand Rapids File Synchronizing Startup

By Amanda Lewan on June 28th, 2013 / Comments

Rick Irvine who works as a technical consultant kept noticing that his clients always had a stack of flash drives piling up on their desks. Where many tech startups are replacing pen and paper for the cloud, Rick knew he could use the cloud to better replace stacks of flash drives.

He set out to create IntegriSync, a cloud file synchronizing program for accountants. IntegriSync leverages the power and security of file sharing platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft File Drive while synchronizing and allowing all team members to access their data in the cloud.

“I kept thinking there has to be a better way. I couldn’t find a thing, nothing out there for syncing Quickbooks,” Rick said. Currently their closest competitor is RAS, an FTP client that still locks accountants out of their Quickbooks when a firm is working with the data.

Rick did more research, connected with a programmer, and began to build their MVP. They received seed funding from Start Garden, and at the time it was one of the program’s biggest weeks for submissions. Start Garden awards $5,000 in seed funding to one startup every week, a startup the community votes and decide on.

“We never thought accounting software would win the popular vote,” Rick said.

But it did. It’s also winning over a few companies who are currently trying out the software.

“We’re adding more CPA firms every week,” Rick said. “We’re going to keep expanding the beta until we’re confident it’s ready for further development.”

The software is more affordable than any similar competitors, and allows users to have all of the latest versions right away. Rick said another big feature was allowing CPAs to access a read only version of their file to see the same thing their clients are seeing. A simple and satisfying option for accountants, check out IntegriSync online as they continue to develop their product.

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