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By Oliver Nasralah on August 4th, 2016 / Comments

Starting a company is not for the weak of heart. But if you have heart, you’ve got a major component of what it takes to be successful.

I am the founder of a design firm that has some serious chops: Hallarsan Group. In recent years we have been able to work with some incredible clients, creating interiors, exteriors, brands, websites and more, putting each client on a path to recognizable brand success. It’s been fun, and it’s been a struggle, and it’s absolutely been worth it.

So, I want to share how I got here. There are a handful of things that come together within you that will aid in the success of your company.

You’ve got to really want it

Your dreams have to transcend your brain and your filters and your fear and sometimes your best judgment and you have to just believe that you’ll succeed. You have to go for it and prepare yourself to give all you have.

Prepare yourself to have the legendary drive of an entrepreneur who eats, breathes and sleeps their dream and you’ll be on your way

Entrepreneurs of all stripes are well known for burning the midnight oil, working a ton of hours and never, ever giving up the dream. Those things are all true.

Figure out a way to change it up without changing what you’re all about

What are you offering? Think through your product or service, from angles forwards, backwards, up and down. And then do it again, and again, and again. Is what you’re offering better or different? If it’s not, figure out a way to change it up without changing the essence of what you’re all about. A tall order? Perhaps. But differentiating yourself is key to standing out and winning customers.

Persistence, faith and good old fashioned waiting for what’s worth waiting for

Along with heart, patience is absolutely necessary. Don’t be mistaken; this tip doesn’t suggest avoiding pushing forward. Rather, simply remember that some things take time and can’t be rushed. Just because something doesn’t happen instantly doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually.

From a micro perspective, when analyzing each detail of your company, you can tweak product offerings or processes to make your company run more efficiently, and you can try marketing tactics to get more customers. But to be a truly successful entrepreneur, you have to do more. By now you may have caught on that I’m a believer in simple thinking. Taking it back to the basics and following the tips listed above can help you as much as a business degree and well-known advisor.

I can promise there will be two periods of time you will encounter when first nurturing the start of your business.  There will be tough times, and there will be tougher times.  You can’t quit.  You can’t give up.  You owe it to yourself to have the patience to bring your ambitions to fruition. If you are great at what you do, have the knowledge to put together a basic plan on a napkin, and have the patience to stick with it until it’s successful, there is no way you will fail.

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Oliver Nasralah

Oliver Nasralah

Oliver Nasralah, 27, founded Dearborn-based Hallarsan Group in 2012 to offer architectural and interior design services, brand development and marketing for an all-encompassing brand experience consistent across all platforms. His is the creative eye behind brands such as Brome Burgers & Shakes, Yogurtopia and Brera Pizza & Salad Co. Hallarsan Group is now hiring. www.hallarsan.com