4 Things to Watch Out for at #NAIAS2016

By Amanda Lewan on January 14th, 2016 / Comments

This week is media preview week for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. We’ve seen and heard a lot of great things from this year’s auto preview already. What will be exciting to see is which innovations help push forward improvements in mobility for safety, electric vehicles, and urban living.

Change is certainly afoot in the industry. With GM recently investing $500 million into Lyft, and Ford rumored to have a recent partnership with Google to create autonomy vehicles, the future is looking brighter for a tech savvy and innovative Motor City.

Here’s a few innovations to keep your eye out for this year at #NAIAS2016.

The Chevy Bolt, now hailed as first electric car for the masses. Wired recently hailed GM as beating Tesla to the punch with the first mass electric car.  What makes it unique? It can offer a 200 mile range drive on a single charge at an affordable price of $30,000, much more affordable then Tesla’s cars to date. You’ll definitely want to check it out at the show.

Semi-autonomous technologies. The rumored driverless cars from Silicon Valley have yet to appear on stage in Detroit, but you can find some semi-autonomous technology updates at the show. Several different cars on display show the use of semi-autonomous tech including a cruise control system in the Volvo Hybrid. A new open platform for spurring innovation with driverless technology was also announced this week.

New connected car software platforms. Some of the leaders of these softwares for connected cars are right in our backyard like Lochbridge, but the exciting thing is to see it showcased with examples and cars right in front of you. What if your car could tell you better commutes every morning updated in real time? The connected car software data could improve safety and efficiency for drivers. This year Toyota also presents an out of this world idea using satellite information to better inform data in the connected car.

Futuristic visions. Like IBM’s Cognitive Computing experiment, or Shell’s new contest calling for faster fuel efficiency, or three wheeler technologies, there’s always some sort of futuristic ideas on display each year at the auto show.

Heading down to the show next week? Keep us posted on what you found innovative or interesting at the show.

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