15 Creative Blogs and Sites for Innovation & Inspiration

By Amanda Lewan on January 7th, 2013 / Comments

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand in our world of startups. Business leaders are now thinking creatively more than ever in order to understand how to best build and invent for this constantly changing world.

Creative genius can feel illusive, but thankfully inspiration is easily accessible and all around us. Finding inspiration and staying in tune with your own creative process will help you stay fresh and on top of your game.

Whether you’re a designer, writer, programmer, or entrepreneur, here’s our list of local and national creative blogs and websites to keep your creative process flowing.

Brain Pickings — Creativity is all about drawing connections. One of the best ways to draw connections is to study other fields. Brain Pickings features insight into creativity, as well as innovation and ideas across science, the arts, design, and more.  One of the best creative blogs out there, you’ll find quotes, videos, and book reviews on this site.

99u — Beehance’s 99u is another site full of insight from creatives, designers, and business leaders. They feature videos, articles, and interviews tailored to helping you improve your creative process.

TEDx — Creativity and innovation are at the core of what TEDx spotlights. Featuring stories and speeches from designers, entrepreneurs, and famous artists, you’ll get lost in the top videos listed on their site. But getting lost in these videos will help you find new motivation and inspiration into your work. My favorite creative TEDx video is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Your Elusive Creative Genius. But for an inspiring local video check out Maximizing your Potential by one very inspiring Detroiter Andrea Townsel. Seeing him speak live brought chills to the audience.

Creativation Space — For visual inspiration, this creative blog features artists around the world. It’s a nice break if you’re looking for artistic inspiration.

Information is Beautiful — A collection of visual information on topics that range from the end of the world to data populations and maps, this site is full of interesting visuals.  It’s a great creative blog for those who love infographics or learning new facts.

Speckboy — A great website for designers and photographers, they feature beautiful and inspiring photography along with design insights. Check out latest photography post on 30 photographs taken from creative and unusual angles.

FastCo — My favorite website for anything covering new business, marketing, design, and eco-friendly living. FastCo has a good pulse on what’s going where creativity and innovation mix. They also share interviews with successful leaders and highlight startups too.

Mixergy — Ask any entrepreneur where they go for inspiration and this is sure to be on their list. This site features in depth interviews with the most successful business leaders, as well as courses to help you apply and practice their wisdom.

Pinterest — A given for all creatives. Sometimes you’ll have more luck searching for inspiration here, rather than googling that specific idea you have in mind. Try it, you might be surprised. Also, check out our Michipreneur Made board and help us add to it.

Smashing Magazine — One of the top creative sites for designers, they also feature articles geared towards staying inspired and improving your creative business.

Local Michipreneur Inspiration

michigan blogs

Detroit Regional News Hub — Why do we love this site? A blog full of news, insight, and inspiration on Detroit, they often include documentaries on the city, local entrepreneurs, Detroit books, and more. If you love Detroit it’s a great site for you.

Pure Michigan — For local inspiration, beautiful pure Michigan photographs, interviews with new businesses, Pure Michigan is one great Michigan blog to check out.

Awesome Mitten — We passionately believe in supporting local as a way to help our state grow. Awesome Mitten highlights everything from the best Michigan books and museums, to local companies and startups. They’re great for helping us all support local.

Fashion Loves Detroit — As we all know Photography is Good for the Soul. Kim’s blog has beautiful photography and shares insights for designers in Michigan.

Atomic Object Blog — A great informative blog for programmers, designers, and other tech innovators. Atomic Object is a company that supports local startups with their new Business Incubator program too. Make sure you check them out.

Keep at it and stay creative. For more on boosting your creativity, check out my other post on 7 strategies for boosting your creativity.

Is there anything else you’d like to see added to this list?

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