100 Events Come To Detroit During Startup Week

By Benjamin Seidman on April 1st, 2016 / Comments

At the helm of Detroit Startup Week is Kyle Bazzy, who got his entrepreneurial drive from the age of 11 when he wanted to open his very first investment account. He remembers clearly wanting to invest in three stocks, Ford, Microsoft, and Oracle. He went to work cutting lawns and made $2,000 to start investing.

“This all started with coming from nothing and creating value,” Bazzy says. Bazzy says that “has been my favorite thing in my life as an entrepreneur.”

Now, he’s given back by leading a team of volunteers and local leaders to put on Startup Week Detroit.

“Detroit, in the past, has defined what a great city can look like when entrepreneurship thrives,” said organizer Kyle Bazzy. “So many people and organizations have been fighting to see a comeback that’s finally starting to emerge. We are looking forward to doing our part.”

Startup Week, a global initiative that celebrates entrepreneurs on a local level, is coming to Detroit May 23-27. Detroit Startup Week will host over 100 free community events bringing together 2,000 participants across the city. Detroit Design City, Grand Circus, Techtown, and Bamboo Detroit will be host locations along with the historic Masonic Temple as headquarters. Internet is provided by tech startup Rocket Fiber. All events will be free and all are welcome to network, skill-build, and share knowledge together.

Bazzy says that a mentor of his, Jim Boyle, explains that there are so many amazing entrepreneurs in Detroit but nothing has been able to be the cohesive glue. Detroit Startup Week hopes to be that glue by developing what’s already here, promoting, and showcasing it. Nine learning tracks will be offered to entrepreneurs at all levels: technology, entrepreneurship 101, mobility, music, food-preneurship, design/art, civic innovation, neighborhood collaboration and the Internet of things (IoT). Detroit Startup Week is an backed by Chase “because people are looking to Detroit in the entrepreneurial world,” said Organizer Kyle Bazzy.

Because of this opportunity, Bazzy has had “meetings with people that I’ve looked up to and read about. It’s been humbling and unique experience – people is the difference and coming together to table – different than any other city.”

Startup Week identifies cities based on 5 “Healthy Ecosystem” criteria, including: Talent, Density, Culture, Capital, Regulatory Environment. There is no wondering why Detroit has been chosen.

“Whether you are looking for a mentor, talent, come to us with your problems,” says Bazzy.

“Detroit Startup Week is all about celebrating and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem that’s growing in Detroit. The talent here is second to none, and we’re committed to being a support system,” said Jill Ford, special advisor to Mayor Duggan on innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives at the City of Detroit, and special advisor to Detroit Startup Week.

Other advisors for Detroit Startup Week include:

  •       Aubrey Agee (Blackstone Launchpad)
  •       Jake Cohen (Detroit Venture Partners)
  •       Marc Hudson (Rocket Fiber)
  •       Paul Riser (Techtown)
  •      Ted Serbinski (Techstars Mobility)
  •      Lisl Stanton (JPMorgan Chase)

To learn more to register for Detroit Startup Week, visit: http://detroit.startupweek.co.

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