10 Ways to Incorporate Self-Care to Your Hustle

By Yvelette Stines on February 1st, 2017 / Comments

Our world, at times, is spinning so quickly with deadlines, responsibilities, and taking care of everything else we forget about one important detail? Ourselves. It is important to take time out, rest, and focus on yourself mind, body, and soul.

In order for sustainable balance and success we must find the time to really embrace and create a habit of self-care. What exactly does this mean?  It is something that will help you mentally, physically, and spiritually so you can function with purpose, clarity, and feel good in your world.

If you are wondering how to get started, don’t worry. If you are starting to feel guilty for even thinking of taking some time for you, STOP IT! If you don’t honor and take care of yourself, you can’t effectively give your best. Remember, we set the standard on how we treat ourselves. We take care of those we love, please start taking care of YOU.

Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate self-care into your life.

Know you deserve it – You have one body and one life.

Start now – Think of activities that bring you joy. Think of some things that you always wanted to try, write them down and go do them. As you cross the activities off your list, it will be fun to look back and reflect on all of the fun that you had.

Alone time – Reflection is important for restoration and aligning our thoughts. Spend this time in prayer, meditation, and/or journaling.

Enjoy yourself – Do things that will make you smile, laugh, and have some fun. Memory is connected to emotion.

Move – Exercise and movement is helpful for the mind, body, and soul.

Cultivate healthy relationships – It is important to have supportive and loyal relationships. You are what you attract.

Shift your space – Sit in a place where you spend most of your time. Take your phone and/or tablet and look at the screen to take a picture, something about it is very telling. Create a sacred space for yourself that feels like a retreat.

Create a gratitude list – Write down five things you are grateful for daily.

Submerge in some sound – Music is uplifting and will help your soul.

Pamper yourself – Enjoy a day at the spa, a makeover, a nap or a massage.

Look at your calendar and pencil yourself in. Enjoy!


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