10 Michigan Blogs and Podcasts on Tech and Entrepreneurship

By Amanda Lewan on August 19th, 2013 / Comments

Learn from the best, and connect with rest in Michigan’s startup ecosystem.

Where do you go to stay up to date with tech and entrepreneurship in Michigan? Here’s a list of some of our favorite local blogs and podcasts that cover tech, biz, and entrepreneurship in the Great Lakes.

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Michigan Advantage Blog. The state of Michigan’s Advantage Blog is a great way to stay connected with resources, news, and people in Michigan. They often cover new programs for entrepreneurs, companies growing in Michigan, and other entrepreneurial activity.

Great Lakes IT Report. A report on Michigan’s IT and Tech economy, this is a great way to stay up-to-date with tech news that matters in Michigan.

Forbes on Midwestern Startups. Amit Chowdry’s Forbes column does a good job of highlighting Michigan and Midwestern startups. You can also check out his website covering tech news, Pulse 2.0.

Grand Rapids Business Journal. Want to know what’s happening in Grand Rapids for business and tech? Check out The Grand Rapids Business Journal. They do a great covering everything from urban farming startups to technology companies and new business on Michigan’s west side.

Ann Arbor Spark. The Ann Arbor incubator is a catalyst for happenings in the area. They also do a great job covering news, publishing press releases, and interviewing CEOs on their blog.

AnnArbor.com. A great way to learn about news, information, and stories on tech in the Ann Arbor area, check out AnnArbor.com.

IT in the D podcast. The trio behind one of Detroit’s most active tech groups, DetroitNet.org, launched a podcast covering tech, startups, and other great happenings in Detroit. It’s funny and engaging. Tune in every Monday at 9 p.m. to follow along for the show.

PishPosh TV and Podcasts. PishPosh covers all things tech and interesting in Detroit, though their podcasts and shows are starting to make their way into a number of Michigan publications. Check out the Pishposh.tv channel for their stories.

Xconomy Detroit. A great website focused on covering the tech economy, you can find Xconomy in a number of cities. Detroit is their only Michigan channel, though they frequently feature news from Ann Arbor and other Michigan cities too. Stay up to date with investments, startups, and new technology at Xconomy Detroit.

Crain’s Biz. Crain’s Business is full of great stories covering entrepreneurs in Detroit and Ann Arbor. Make sure you follow along and check out their special editions, including Detroit 2.0: A closer look at Detroit’s Startup Scene.

At Michipreneur we hope to help cover startups and tech across the state. Follow along as we continue to grow our coverage and highlight resources, investments, and startups leading Michigan’s entrepreneurial economy.

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